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10 App designed for Flight Crew that airline don’t want you to know

With all this smartphone madness of the 21st century, we thought it would be a good idea to round up some of the best apps out there specifically designed for cabin crew – and those that are just all around a pretty good thing to have!

With all this smartphone madness of the 21st century, we thought it would be a good idea to round up some of the best apps out there specifically designed for cabin crew – and those that are just all around a pretty good thing to have!

1.  FlightLife Crew Organizer


FlightLife Organizer is the calendar planner app designed specifically for Airline Cabin Crew & Flight Attendants.  FlightLife provides a clear and easy display of your upcoming rostered trips, flights, standby blocks, training days, leave and other important events. As well as allowing you to plan all your future trips, FlightLife also allows you to easily maintain a record of your completed flights, duty hours, working positions, allowances, hotels, sick days and all other important info.  Keep all your Work & Home life in one place and never miss that important event or be late for check in again. FlightLife has a simple easy to use interface for quick intuitive operation and functionality designed specifically for crew. This will quickly become one of your indispensable apps, no matter where you are in the world.

Download from iTunes

2. FlightCrew View


This is a third party app for users of FLICA only. I may add access for other airlines in the future.

Flight Crew View provides Pilots and Flight Attendants with a copy of their schedule, downloaded from FLICA, and stored right on their own phone!


  • Quickly and easily check your legality with the block (672) and flight duty period look back (168 & 672) totals!
  • Access hotel and layover information, such as hotel amenities and local restaurants/bars/attractions, as submitted and suggested by crews. Just click on the hotel at the bottom of each day.
  • Schedule exporter allows you to export all of your flights to your favorite electronic logbook (includes tail numbers if your airline supports that option in Flica).

Download from Google play

3. Cabin Crew Ready Lite


Cabin Crew Ready Lite is a stylish very useful knowledge trainer for airline prefixes, IATA, ICAO- and airport codes. Have fun testing yourself and compete with friends and aviation colleagues all over the world!  You will be trained and tested by short quizzes containing questions about Airports & Airlines of which you have to give the right Code or Name. See your Score ranking and share them with friends & colleagues. Are you the Best?

Download it from iTunes

4. Duolingo


Over 70 million people have registered with Duolingo, a free and incredibly well-designed language learning app. Though not a replacement for proper language tuition, the app is a fun way to get the basics, or to keep yourself fresh on grammar and vocabulary, before a trip abroad. Just like a computer game, the app guides you through levels that you need to complete before advancing, and you gain experience points along the way.

Download free, iOS and Android duolingo.com

5. XE Currency


XE is the go-to site for currency conversions on the web, so it’s no surprise that its application is so popular: with over 20 million downloads since launch. It has lots of business-oriented features, such as rates for precious metals and historic currency charts, but for the traveller it is most useful for the simple fact that it’s able to convert every world currency. It also functions offline by saving the last updated rates, which is great if you’re in a place with limited connectivity or trying to save on data.

Download free, iOS and Android  xe.com

6. Wolfram Sun Exposure


There are a few apps out there that help you manage your time in the sun safely, but this one offers the most detailed information to keep you informed. You enter your skin type and it calculates how long you can spend sunning yourself before getting burned, based on the time of day, where you are and the strength of sun cream you’re wearing. It also provides UV forecasts for your location.

£0.79,  iOS

7. Aircrewlink Economy


This clever app allows airline crew who are away from home to stay in touch with colleagues while on duty and see who’s around when in port. It is great for networking, chat, planning outings and meeting new crew. When in port see who is in town. The easiest way to see if your favorite crew members are staying in the same city. Contact, chat, catch up, plan outings , find a workout partner, meet new crew.Register and create a profile with one or more photos then you are ready to chat and send photos.

Download from iTunes & Google Play

8. GateGuru


Enter an airport code and up pops everything you could ever want to know about food, shopping, and any services offered, along with reviews, ratings and maps. Enter your flight number and access flight status, delays and weather conditions all in the same place.

Available on iTunes & Google Play

9. Yelp


Whenever you find yourself at a layover hotel in a new city, the first thing to do is pull up Yelp just to see what’s nearby. You might use it to find a great place to eat, check out a tourist attraction, or locate a pharmacy within walking distance. Users post reviews and photos to help narrow down the search so you can determine whether or not it’s worth it to leave your hotel room.

Available on iTunes & Google Play

10. My Panda


What’s to love: Part app, part security blanket. Wherever you are, the app reads your level of safety and security. Should anything go terribly wrong, the app will help you find an emergency route, alert the local police, report dangerous activity, and find emergency information.

In addition, the logo and the name “PANDA” is similar to “SOS” in that it’s internationally recognized.

Available on iTunes & Google Play