The British Airways engineer, 44, killed in car crash on the runway of Heathrow ‘when he collided with driver who failed to give way

A British Airways engineer was tragically killed in a runway smash with another airport vehicle at Heathrow.

Colleagues last night paid tribute to ‘kind, generous and chatty’ John Coles, 44, who joined the company nearly three decades ago as an apprentice.

It was also claimed the collision should never have happened because the other vehicle involved, being driven by a BAA (British Airports Authority) worker, should have given way to aircraft engineer Mr Coles, who had just started his shift.

Passengers watched the tragedy unfold at Terminal 5 when Mr Coles’s airport van collided with a pick-up on the tarmac where planes taxi to and from the runway

British Airways engineer John Coles, 44, was tragically killed in a runway smash with another airport vehicle at Heathrow 

He went into cardiac arrest at the scene just after 6am yesterday. Paramedics tried to resuscitate him both at the scene and on the way to hospital but he later died at a West London Hospital.

Mr Coles’s family were last night too devastated to speak about the tragedy at the family home in Broadstone, Dorset, where Mr Coles grew up.

However, one colleague paid tribute, telling the Mail: ‘John was a great friend to us all. He was kind, generous and chatty.

‘He was a gentle, likeable, positive man with lots of ideas for his future.

‘He joined BA as an apprentice in 1989 and so he will now be sorely missed.’

They said Mr Coles was single. Regarding the incident he said the other driver should have given way to Mr Coles.

One of the two vehicles involved in the accident at London Heathrow is pictured

The two vehicles involved in a collision are positioned today for crash investigation purposes

He added: ‘The yellow BAA (British Airports Authority) vehicle crossed the vehicle taxiway – a safe crossing for cars to cross the aircraft taxiway – lines without giving way to John who was crossing.

‘It’s basically like going through a zebra crossing with pedestrians on. The BAA vehicle must give way to vehicles crossing the live taxiway.

‘John had just started his shift. We are not sure if he was on his way to an aircraft departure or arrival. ‘But witnesses also said the BAA vehicle was going very fast.’

The BAA driver, who was treated at the scene, suffered a suspected broken shoulder.

The airport said it was unable to disclose any details about him, including his job title.

But the distinctive yellow pick-ups with red stripes are often driven around the airfield at high speed by Heathrow staff carrying out tasks such as directing aircraft and inspecting the runways.

British Airways engineers also drive vans around the tarmac to check the planes before take-off and after landing.

No arrests have been made. But officers from the Met police’s serious collision investigation unit have launched an investigation.

Police stand around an airport vehicle on the Tarmac at London Heathrow Wednesday morning

Police stand around an airport vehicle on the Tarmac at London Heathrow Wednesday morning

Scotland Yard officers were called to London Heathrow Airport at 6am today after the incident

The Health and Safety Executive are also investigating.

Colleagues continued to pay tribute to Mr Coles on social media last night with the hash tag ‘#justiceforjohn’.

User ‘Kyle / Springbok97’ wrote:‏ ‘I worked with the guy that died at Heathrow airport today back when I was at BA! Nice guy! Such a shame!…It still hasn’t sunken in #JusticeForJohn’

Another colleague of the deceased, Kevin Fitzgibbon, of Wokingham, Berkshire, tweeted: ‘Sad day at work today. Lost one of our engineering colleagues this morning…My thoughts are with his family and friends at this terrible time.’

The emergency services went to the scene just after 6am following reports of the collision

The emergency services went to the scene just after 6am following reports of the collision

The two vehicles (left) involved in the collision are positioned for the crash investigation today

The crash forced passengers to leave a plane. Airport Webcams tweeted this picture today

One of the vehicles involved in the crash at Heathrow Airport where the man in his 40s died

Police and airside operations vehicles at Heathrow Airport where the man died in the crash

Two airport vehicles crashed on the airfield at London Heathrow, including the one pictured

Another wrote: ‘Can’t say anything, except for I knew this guy. RIP my friend. Gone way too soon.’

Another colleague wrote on an aviation forum: ‘I just hope that the yellow patrol driver gets done for life and that teach [sic] them a lesson…Rest in peace John.’

The incident also caused disruption for passengers, some of whom witnessed the aftermath of the accident.

Heathrow announced shortly after 8.30am that it was investigating the incident, which did not involve any passengers and was not expected to impact journeys.

But it quickly revised its statement to apologise as hundreds of passengers were evacuated from a plane following the incident, and thousands more experiencing delays of up to two hours as the disruption affected more than twenty flights.

Passengers were told to leave an aircraft which was unable to take off because of the incident

Passengers were told to leave an aircraft which was unable to take off because of the incident

One of the vehicles involved in a crash at Heathrow Airport is removed from the scene today

One of the two airport vehicles which crashed on the airfield is taken away on a truck

One of the two airport vehicles which crashed on the airfield is taken away on a truck

The accident happened on the taxiway near Terminal Five at the airport in South West London

Officers from the Metropolitan Police's serious collision investigation unit went to the scene

Officers from the Metropolitan Police’s serious collision investigation unit went to the scene

Several aircraft preparing to take off were held on the ground after the collision near Terminal 5.

At least twenty British Airways flights were delayed.

A police spokesman said: ‘Police were called at 6.06am on Wednesday following a collision between two airport vehicles on the taxiway at Heathrow Airport.

‘Officers attended with London Ambulance Service colleagues. One male is believed to have sustained a broken shoulder; his injuries are not life-threatening or life-changing.

At least 25 flights from Terminal Five were delayed by the incident at Heathrow this morning

The two vehicles involved in a crash (front left and front right, after they have been moved)

The two vehicles involved in a crash (front left and front right, after they have been moved)

 The wreckage of one of the vehicles sits outside Terminal 5 at London Heathrow today

The incident happened near Terminal Five at London Heathrow Airport today (file picture)

The incident happened near Terminal Five at London Heathrow Airport today (file picture)

Passengers reported delays of up to two hours to more than 25 flights after the crash

The crash between two vehicles happened before sunrise at London Heathrow this morning

‘Another male, aged in his 40s, was taken to a west London hospital with serious injuries. He has since died. Officers have informed next of kin.’

A BA spokesman described the disruption to passengers as ‘minimal’. They said: ‘We are deeply saddened by this tragic incident and are offering our full care and support to his family and colleagues.’

A Heathrow spokeswoman said: ‘We can confirm that following a serious accident involving two vehicles on our airfield, a British airways colleague has passed away.

‘Our deepest condolences go to the family and friends affected by this accident.

‘We will be fully cooperating with the Police in the investigation which will follow.’

Flight HORROR: Mid-air horror as parts of engine fall off United Airlines flight

The stripped-back engine of a United Airlines Boeing 777 flying from San Francisco to Honolulu after parts of the outer casing fell off mid-flight. Picture: Maria FalaschiSource:Twitter

PASSENGERS panicked on a flight San Francisco to Honolulu when parts started to fall off the engine mid-flight.

Photos have emerged on social media of the stripped-back turbine of United Airlines flight 1175 after parts of its outer casing fell away, about half an hour from its destination on Tuesday local time.



According to reports, the plane issued the 7700 emergency distress call but made a safe landing in Honolulu. There were no reports of injuries.

But it was tense in the air, as horrified passengers looked out their window to see debris falling from one of the Boeing 777’s engines.

“Scariest flight of my life,” one passenger tweeted.

Another passenger managed to see the amusing side of the situation.

“I don’t see anything about this in the manual,” passenger Erik Haddad tweeted.

In a statement to Hawaii News Now, the Hawaii Transportation Department said flight landed safely with aircraft rescue and fire crews standing by.

The plane was taken to a hangar.

WIN two flights ANYWHERE with Easyjet by writing a poem on your SICK BAG: How to enter

EASY JET are offering tow free flights anywhere in the world to the winner of their Love Sick Poetry Competition judged by the UK’s Poet Laureate.

 Yes, you read that right. Easyjet has launched the first ever poetry competition that must be submitted on an in-flight sick bag.

Inspired by a real message left by a lovely passenger on recent flight, the airline discovered that passengers have been penning loving rhymes and verses for other passengers to find.

The competition has been kicked off by the acclaimed Bill Bilston. His rather clever poem is in our image but wannabe poets of all ages, experience and abilities are welcome.

The competition will be judged by poet laureate Daisy Goodwin. Goodwin is the best-selling author of eight poetry anthologies and also writer of the multi-award-winning ITV Drama ‘Victoria’.


The original love note was discovered on a recent flight from Paris to London

Who hasn’t felt sick with anticipation travelling to see the one you love? It may be a short flight but emotionally it’s a long haul

Daisy Goodwin

She said: “Who hasn’t felt sick with anticipation travelling to see the one you love? It may be a short flight but emotionally it’s a long haul – poetry is the perfect way to calm that turmoil, and arrive with a heart full of such loving words.

“It was, after all, Margaret Atwood who wrote, ‘Writing poetry is a state of free float.’

“And Walt Whitman’s ‘Poem of Joys’ could easily have been written about the joy of an easyJet flight to Venice or any of the airline’s 129 other destinations: ‘To emerge, and be of the sky — of the sun and moon, and the flying clouds, as one with them.’”

Don’t be intimidated by such luminaries, your poem can be humorous, silly, sweet, simple or written in iambic pentameter. This is a competition for anyone.

The contest opens on February 1st, runs until the end of the month and is backed by easyJet data, which reveals that over 29% of easyJet Flight Club customers are in long-distance relationships and that 250,000 couples are expected to fly off on romantic mini-breaks during the Spring.

The campaign is believed to be ‘the world’s first poetry competition ever staged on sick bags’, and it’s hoped that the initiative will provide a smile to those challenged by long distance love.

Tina Milton, Head of Cabin Crew, at easyJet said: “Distance is said to make the heart grow fonder, but long-distance relationships are always hit with some light turbulence. We are challenging our customers to channel their inner Byron, Keats and Wordsworth and pen some romantic lines on the back of our passenger sick bags.”

Entrants need to pen their poem on a sick bag (available from their seatback pocket on an easyJet flight) and then share their creation publicly on Twitter or Instagram with @easyJet using the tag #LoveSickSonnets. Once submitted, entrants can take their masterpiece away with them.

Entrants have the opportunity of winning a pair of flights to anywhere on the easyJet network. The competition closes at midnight on February 28 and the winner will be contacted directly.

Find out more by visiting or on easyJet’s social channels: Facebook at and @easyJet on Twitter and Instagram.

How can travel apps make your travel cheaper?

New Delhi: Technological evolution has led to many changes in the travel industry.Today, common people have a lot of options to make their travel plans after having conducted a research on all viable options. There are plenty of great apps to help people cut down on their travel costs. The last thing anyone wants to do is, spend the least money when planning a vacation.

From booking a flight to searching a tourist attraction spot or a resort, there are many apps that lists all the possible options, which a traveler must know. They provide the users with price comparisons, places to visit nearby and activities therein, hotel fares etc. They have empowered travelers to even hold the cheapest flight fare at a very nominal cost for a later date. The market competition has also benefitted travelers to find best deals, offers, and discounts so that one can save money and plan their journey accordingly. It has now become easy to make the last minute hotel bookings without paying any additional cost.

Apps like Trip n Howl have further empowered users to have one app as their one-stop travel solution rather than installing different apps for varied travel requirements.

Founder, trip n howl, Satyajeet Pradhan lists how travel apps can make your travel cheaper:

* The prices of flights keep changing and vary depending on the month, day and even time of travel. The travel apps will let the users compare flight prices so that they are able to choose the cheapest one and therefore the preferable days to fly. Besides this, one should also avoid planning trips on the weekends as it can make a hole in your pocket as many people prefer travelling during the weekends and therefore, the flight fares increase.

* With the help of travel app, one can book hotels and flights in advance to avoid extra charges at the time of check-ins or any services. Booking on the travel date is normally more expensive than in advance. One can also choose the best option while pre-booking such as a luxury hotel room or even window seat in flights. Another good thing about travel apps is that if you plan to cancel or pre/postpone your plans and have booked any services, they provide a partial refund for any changes or cancellation.

* Booking a hotel can also be a doting task as one has to go through the paperwork. Now, one can make a booking in just a few clicks and swipes and simply do transactions with the help of travel apps and can get a copy of the reservation vouchers on the mobile. No more carrying all your documents and while traveling to the destination. Online transactions facilitate one with the option of making all the payment through the internet for reservation instead of paying by cash. One can access these apps 24/7 and 365 days.

* Before booking any service, especially hotel, one can also browse through images and videos of the hotel or the place, via these travel apps. It gives you an insight how the location or the hotel would look like. This helps in planning the trip better.

* Last, but not the least, these apps give you reviews, which are unbiased, to avoid spoiling your trip. Not just the user reviews, the apps also provide pros and cons of any hotel or other places, which one must know before going to the destination. Features like Wifi connectivity, availability of breakfast, lunch or dinner, pool, smoking zone, cab facility, air-conditioning, etc are all provided to the users through these apps.

make sure you check travel apps to get an overall view of your destination and services you are booking. Travel apps have become essential in today’s world.

Air stewardess turned glamour model with 32S breasts who decided to ‘become black’ with extreme tanning injections claims her once blonde hair is now ‘naturally African’

A blonde ex-air hostess with 70S breasts who identifies as a black woman after undergoing radical tanning injections has claimed that her hair structure has turned ‘naturally African’.

German glamour model Martina Big, 29, spent more than £50,000 on plastic surgery for her 70S cup size (UK 32S) breasts, said to be the biggest in Europe.

Yet those body enhancements were not enough for Martina and made the controversial choice to ‘become black’, vowing to get ‘darker and darker and see what the limits are.’

Scroll down for video 

Formerly blonde glamour model Martina Big who had melanin injections to darken her skin has claimed that her hair structure has changed and is now 'naturally African'

Formerly blonde glamour model Martina Big who had melanin injections to darken her skin has claimed that her hair structure has changed and is now ‘naturally African

Thanks to a new medical procedure in the US, the naturally light-skinned and blonde ex-flight attendant from the German Eifel region was able to darken her skin tone with three melanin boosting injections last year.

Bizarrely the German society figure now claims that her hair has become ‘naturally African’.

Martina wrote on Facebook: ‘I was at my African hair dresser to change my extension.

Pictured: Martina before she had any surgeries

Martina spent more than £50,000 on plastic surgery for her 70S cup size (UK 32S) breasts. Pictured: Martina before melanin injections

Martina spent more than £50,000 on plastic surgery for her 70S cup size (UK 32S) breasts. Pictured: Martina before surgery (left) and before melanin injections (right)

In recent Facebook post the model claimed that her hair was now 'identical' to an African woman's

In recent Facebook post the model claimed that her hair was now ‘identical’ to an African woman’s

‘After taking out my extension I noticed how much my hair structure of my own hair has changed.

‘I compared my own hair with the hair of the other Africans in the salon. They are identical to my [sic].’

According to Martina, it is ‘the clear proof that I’m a real black woman now.’

Martina dubbed her transformation into a ‘black woman’ ‘an internal one’ that changed her whole body.

She also claims that besides her hair, her eyes have also ‘changed colour’ and now look more like those of African women.

Martina claims that her change in hair is 'proof' she is a 'real black woman now'

Martina claims that her change in hair is ‘proof’ she is a ‘real black woman now’

Martina claims that she 'will soon be identical to other black women' and claims that her she has also seen a change in her eye colour 

Martina claims that she ‘will soon be identical to other black women’ and claims that her she has also seen a change in her eye colour

Martina wrote: ‘These are just a few examples of the most obvious changes. Many of my changes are very slow, but continuous.

‘If my transformation continues to be so good, I will soon be identical to other black women. You can not imagine it is a great feeling to become more and more a black woman.’

Martina said her fiancee Michael, who she met at school in Germany’s oldest city of Trier, is her biggest supporter in life.

Martina is also hoping to become the world record holder for the world's largest breasts

Martina is also hoping to become the world record holder for the world’s largest breasts

Michael, an ex-pilot who is now also taking the injections to darken his skin tone, is not only Martina’s manager and style adviser, but also the love of her life.

Michael said: ‘I got new into the class. I was 18 and she 17. There were three boys and 23 girls in the class, but I only saw Martina.’

Martina said: ‘I first thought, he is not serious. But after two weeks we were a couple.’

Both worked afterwards for seven years for an airline based at the airport of Frankfurt Hahn, until Michael was not allowed to fly anymore because of an eye disease.

Martina said: ‘And I wanted to enlarge my breasts. At least to 2,000 grammes. Then the airline told me, either you stay here or you chose your breasts.’

Martina went from a C cup to her massive 70S, which weigh a whopping 12 kilos. According to local media, her 70S breasts are equal to a bra size of ’70 DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD’.

Martina is now forced to sleep on her back because of her enormous chest size.

Martina, who shares her time between Los Angeles and the German Eifel region, says her goal is to become the official Guinness World Record holder for having the largest breasts.

She said her breasts measure 49.6 inches, while her underbust measurement is 26.8 inches.

The model added: ‘My shoes don’t get wet anymore. For two years my breasts have been so big that I can’t see my feet anymore.’

Martina also revealed that she is planning a nose job to ‘make it look African’, and she also wants 1.5 kilograms of implants added to each buttock.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH122 forced to make emergency landing in Alice Springs

A MALAYSIA Airlines flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur has been forced to make an emergency landing in Alice Springs.

Passengers on board Flight MH122 have told of their terror, taking to social media to tell how the plane’s crew were “preparing to crash”.

”We were just bracing for the worst. I thought I was going to die,” Donna Edwards told Channel 9 News.

The A330-300 landed in Alce Springs at 5.46pm local time (6.16pm AEDT) with emergency crews on standby.

The husband of a passenger onboard the flight said his wife described the experience as “hell”.

Chin Kanani told the ABC his wife became alarmed when she heard a banging sound.

“She said she was on the loo when she started hearing loud banging noises from the right-hand side of the plane and that’s when all it started,” Mr Kanani said.

Malaysia Airlines said the flight was diverted due to technical reasons and that safety was a priority at all times.

4 of the best Airline Cabin seating concepts we’ve seen (and one truly awful one)

There are only so many inches in each airline cabin, but the carriers themselves are always trying to figure out how many additional seats they can shove into limited space, and it seems like they’re not going to stop until the boarding process becomes a game of Human Tetris. So thank goodness there are other engineering and design firms trying to work in the opposite direction, by maximizing that square footage without sacrificing passenger comfort.

These are a few of the most promising (and one completely awful sounding) seating configurations or cabin designs that have been proposed or submitted for patents this year.

1. Side-Slip: This seating concept would not only improve and speed up the boarding process, but would also turn the middle seat into prime real estate, as it would be a full 2 inches wider than the seats on either side of it. The Side-Slip works just as its name suggests: the aisle seat slides up and over the middle seat during boarding and deplaning, widening the aisle from its standard 19 inches to 41 inches, allowing two passengers to walk or stand side-by-side, and even to allow for a wheelchair to be rolled through the cabin. Side-Slip designer Hank Scott told ABC News that his company is “preparing for production” of the seats and that, so far, 23 airlines have expressed interest.

2. B/E Aerospace Smart Seat Wireless Actuator System: This concept doesn’t have a catchy or memorable name, but if it really increases leg room, then they could call it the Wireless Boiling Garbage Stack and I’d be delighted by it. This economy-seating configuration would allow the seats to move forward or backward along a grooved track in the cabin floor, adjusting the amount of leg room according to the height of each passenger. The flight crew would control the system using an app on their tablets during the boarding process. The B/E Aerospace engineers said that there would only be a “modest” increase in the amount of legroom, but an increase is an increase.

3. SANTO Seat: The SANTO (Special Accommodation Needs for Toddlers and Overweight Passengers) Seat isn’t for everyone, but it could make flying more comfortable for both overweight passengers and the person seated beside them. The seat, which would be located in the rear of the cabin, is one and a half times the width of a standard airline seat, so it can either be used to accommodate a passenger of size or to hold a child’s booster seat. “The beneficiaries of this concept are both operators and travelers alike, as for a moderate surcharge, the safety of traveling infants can be significantly increased and the comfort of oversized travelers drastically improved,” Peter Miehlke of SANTO Seat designer SII Deutschland said.

4. Air Astana Economy Sleeper: This isn’t a new seating concept as much as it’s a repurposing (and rebranding and upselling of) the existing row of seats on Air Astana flights from Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, to London-Heathrow, Frankfurt and Paris. If you’re willing to pay an extra $910 –$2,290 instead of a $1,380 economy fare – you will receive a mattress to place over a standard row of three seats, ensuring that you’ll sleep just as well as the guy who snagged the empty row at the back of the plane. But the Economy Sleeper is a bargain compared with Air Astana’s full-fare business class cabin, which would cost $5,565 for those same flights. Nothing makes me sleep more soundly than an extra three grand in my pocket.

5. The Economy Class Cabin Hexagon, aka The Devil’s Configuration: No. Just no. This proposed layout (which was pulled from a forgotten filing cabinet in the bowels of Hell) would replace the traditional middle seat with a slightly offset rear-facing seat, forcing those passengers to either make or avoid eye contact with the people on either side of them for the duration of the flight. It would also make the boarding process even more awkward, as it seems like passengers would have to crawl on all fours to reach the window seat, so not only would you have to try not to look at that guy for an extended period of time, you’d also have the image of his bobbing hindquarters seared onto your already overworked retinas. Go home, seat designers. You’re drunk.

The best flight attendant Instagram accounts – to give you serious travel envy

Staff who work for an airline that flies long distance get decent-sized layover in exotic locations, massive discounts on fares and free standby seats

THE life of a flight attendant might not be as glamorous as it used to be – budget airlines, drunk passengers and rubbish pay have taken some of the shine off the job.

But a quick glance and some cabin crew Instagram accounts shows that it’s not time to break out the violins just yet.


A post shared by Georgia Nielsen (@georgia.nielsen) on

In fact, the life of a flight attendant – according to social media – is still super glamorous.

Staff who work for an airline that flies long distance, like British Airways and Emirates, usually get decent-sized layover in exotic locations.

On top of this, they also get massive discounts on fares and even free standby seats.

This means that they probably travel to more glamorous holiday spots in one year than the average Brit will in a lifetime.

Paradise 🇧🇷

A post shared by Flight attendant| 21| Hamburg (@elisavalentiina) on

Some of them are happy to take you with them too (on their Instagram, not in their suitcase).

No Blue Mondays for these glamorous women and men – instead, you’ll find them sipping a cocktail on a Caribbean beach or swimming off the coast of Dubai.

One of the most envy-inducing accounts is that of Georgia Nielsen, who works for Emirates.

There are no Netflix and Dominos Sundays for Georgia – instead, she spent hers recently cycling with a US Navy Seal in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, another flight attendant called Elisa Rodriguez who goes by the name @elisavalentiina works for Lufthansa and in the last few months she has been to everywhere form Rio and Dallas to Madrid and South Africa.

It’s not only the women who get to have fun though – Emirates flight attendant Lucas, who goes by the handle @manentelucas travels to paces like Bali, Sydney and Seattle – and more than 75,000 people follow his Instagram account.

Then there’s the Emirates flight attendant Brigita, who spends her down time travelling to cities like Rio and Moscow.

Some of the fanciest jobs are those of flight attendants on private jets though – like Kara, who runs the Instagram account @thefalife.

It’s not all glamour though, In a recent blog post on Flyertalk, flight attendant and aviation blogger Amanda Pleva stripped the glamour off the job to show wannabe crew members what the job is really like.

She said: “At work, we tend to hide in the corner of the galley and shovel food in our faces out of passenger view and in between services.”

She continued: “You will start doing the same at home, facing the kitchen wall eating your dinner in ten seconds flat.”

Your Browser’s Incognito Mode Isn’t Saving You Any Money on Airfare

Airfare pricing is something of a mystery.

Even if you know the logic behind a price, there’s never really a good answer to why a flight from the U.S. to Europe can cost $70, while a flight from Kansas to Colorado—two states literally right next to each other—can cost more than $400. Or why the price on a flight you’re looking to book is $300 one day and $700 the next. (Or why one you booked for $1,100 is available for $650 two weeks later.)

And since there isn’t a great answer, it has led to theories both on why prices change and how to get around the fluctuations.

You’ve probably heard one of the theories: Websites are tracking our airfare searches, some say, and hiking prices when they see us looking for the same flight again. This theory has created repeated advice that by using your web browser’s incognito mode, which can hide your search history, you can look like a new user to the airline website or search engine and you’ll get a lower price.

But guess what.

“That is absolutely not a real trick,” Jeff Klee, CEO of, told Travel + Leisure. “I’ve never seen anyone provide an example where there are two different fares in incognito [compared to non-incognito].”

Not that there isn’t any reason to question airfares.

“It’s absolutely true that airfares change all the time, and sometimes within a very short period of time,” Klee said. “But the changes are in response to actual bookings, not searches.”

Maybe you’re saying, “No, really, I searched for this one flight to Chicago and didn’t buy it and then two hours later it was double the price.” Sorry.

“The price for the next seat on a plane depends on how many seats have already been sold,” Klee told T+L.

All search engines get their prices from the airlines’ systems, and there’s a single pool of seats: For a website to determine it should show you a higher price because you looked for the same flight before, it would have to incorporate the prices from that single pool of seats plus the last price you saw—and then guess at what price it could set a flight that you’d still be willing to pay.

So incognito is a no-go (at least for airfare savings). What’s a budget-minded traveler to do?

“From one to four months out is the sweet spot for domestic flights,” Klee added. “Within those three months, fares are likely to bounce up and down. The best advice I can give is start checking early, check frequently, and when you see a really good fare that’s lower than what you’ve seen: Grab it.

If you know when you want to fly to a destination, and you’re planning with sufficient lead time (which you should be), set up fare alerts. CheapAir has a faretracker, the Hopper app will send you a push notification, and there’s Google Flights, to name just a few.

But really: Incognito mode won’t help.

“There are a lot of factors that cause price quotes to fluctuate, even on short notice,” said Klee. “However, the one thing that is not a factor is any sort of search history. It wouldn’t be possible or practical.”

Odor On American Airline Flight: 3 Crew Members and 1 Passenger Taken To Hospital

At least four people from an American Airlines flight out of Boston, including three crew members and one passenger, were removed from a flight and taken to a local hospital, officials tell WCVB-TV.

At least four people from an American Airlines flight out of Boston, including three crew members and one passenger, were removed from a flight and taken to a local hospital, officials tell WCVB-TV.

Passengers aboard Flight 1719 from Boston, Massachusetts, to Charlotte, North Carolina, reported an odor in the cabin New Year’s Day and the plane was forced to return to the airport gate. The airline told local news outlets that the plane was carrying 120 passengers and 5 crew members.

In addition to confirming the presence of an odor in the cabin, Massport confirmed that the four people were taken to local hospitals for evaluation.

American Airlines representatives told local news outlets that a “mechanical issue” was to blame for the incident and that the jet was now being taken out of service. The remaining passengers on the plane are being rerouted and American Airlines’ website lists the initial 1:05 p.m. departure time as delayed 3 hours and 40 minutes as of publish time.

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